“Fantastic artillery!” A fantastic shot plunged Chelsea into an even deeper predicament

Julio Enciso fanned a wonderful 2-1 winning goal against Chelsea. PDO

Frank Lampard’s another stint at the Chelsea helm has not gone so well.

The former midfield star made an emotional return to Stamford Bridge when the Yankees owner Todd Boehly asked him to replace Graham Potter who flopped badly.

At that point, it seemed that Lampard couldn’t handle the job any worse.

That assessment is proving to be wrong.

Lampard has now coached the team in three matches. The numbers 0–1, 0–2 and 1–2 indicate that they have all become losses.

On Saturday, Chelsea’s downward spiral was continued by Brighton, who claimed the first away win in their 122-year history at Stamford Bridge. To Lampard’s consolation Conor Gallagher snapped a dry season that lasted almost 400 minutes by giving Chelsea the lead just under a quarter of an hour later.

Of course, the Englishman also has a lucky bounce to thank for his hit, which is why the Brighton hatter Robert Sanchez didn’t reach the ball.

Lokit, however, got even in the opening period, when the substitution came into the game Danny Welbeck skilfully headed the ball through the post from the pressure of two Chelsea players.

But especially Brighton’s winning goal is worth reeling in long and hard.

Only 19 years old from Paraguay Julio Enciso bombed a wonderful long shot from 25 meters into the top corner when there were still a good 20 minutes left in the game.

– It was a crazy gunfight, he also beamed Mikko Innanen while reporting the match for Viaplay.

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Watch Julio Enciso’s goal in the video. Premier League football can be seen on VSport’s channels and Elisa Viihde’s Viaplay service.

Brighton deserved their win. It is still fueling hopes for the European Games next fall.

Chelsea’s chances of surviving the upcoming Champions League season are practically non-existent. The team should beat Real Madrid next Tuesday by at least three goals in order for the Blues to advance to the semi-finals.

Based on the state of the league, such a miracle will not happen.

Frank Lampard has not been able to understand Chelsea’s playing style. PDO