Fans want to cancel Justin Timberlake

In 2000, Britney Spears is said to have become pregnant by her then boyfriend, *NSYNC singer Justin Timberlake – the singer herself admitted this in her autobiography “The Woman in Me”, which was published on October 24th. However, since he could not imagine becoming a father, both of them agreed on an abortion. Spears regretted this and to this day describes it as one of the “most excruciating experiences of her life”.

The message caused incomprehension and anger on X (formerly Twitter). Many remember that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s relationship broke up a short time later, in 2002 to be precise, and that from then on the singer often spoke in public about the fact that they had had sex. At the time, Spears had to claim, probably because of her innocent image, that she wanted to keep her virginity until after the wedding. The fact that her ex-partner boasted that he had slept with her after the breakup was bitter for many – especially after Spears had to go through an abortion.

Britney Spears: This is how fans react to her revelation

“Wait, so I get this right…Justin Timberlake went on a press tour dragging Britney’s name through the mud and bragging about deflowering her – and Britney was pregnant by him?” Men are the last thing,” said one user.

Some are already calling for Justin Timberlake to be canceled.

Not to be forgotten: Justin Timberlake released the song “Cry Me A River” shortly after the breakup, in which he settled accounts with a Britney double – while Spears apparently had to deal with the abortion of their child.

Some fans noticed that Britney Spears’ self-written song “Everytime” and the accompanying video could mean more than previously thought. Instead of being about the breakup, it could actually be about the traumatic event in her life. At the end of the clip you can see a new mother with her baby:

And every time I try to fly I fall
Without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby
And every time I see
You in my dreams
I see your face
It’s haunting me
I guess I need you baby