Fans criticize Uli Hoeneß for statements

Some FC Bayern fans criticized former club boss Uli Hoeneß for his statements on the 50+1 rule in the top Bundesliga game against Union Berlin (3-0).

“If everyone decides for themselves, that doesn’t mean everyone is helped, Uli! 50+1 remains non-negotiable,” said a banner that could be seen in the south stand during the game on Sunday evening.

Ex-club president Hoeneß had recently made statements about the so-called 50 + 1 rule in the Bundesliga.

“We would be totally in favor of the 50+1 rule falling because we are totally falling behind internationally,” said the long-time face of FC Bayern recently at a talk event with the “Neue Presse” in Hanover.

“You have to worry that a few more clubs from the Middle East will be bought up in the next year or two,” said Hoeneß.

FC Bayern: Uli Hoeneß warns about “money flood”

Munich’s head coach Julian Nagelsmann had recently also commented on the debate at a press conference. “In Germany we have to think about competitiveness in Europe. We are not perfectly positioned in relation to PSG, Chelsea or City,” said the 35-year-old.

The 50+1 rule prevents club takeovers by very wealthy investors in Germany. “The task will be to find ways and means of keeping the ever-increasing flood of money from the Middle East under control,” warned Hoeneß.

FC Bayern can still keep up internationally with the really big clubs. In the Champions League, Munich are currently dueling with Paris Saint-Germain for a place in the quarter-finals. FC Bayern won the first leg in the French capital 1-0. The second meeting will take place on March 8 (9 p.m.) in Munich.