Fake wallet: Crypto exchange Kraken and scambaiting streamers trick crypto scammers

• Streamer takes action against scams
• Alleged Joe Biden requests transfer of Bitcoin assets
• Cooperation with Kraken

Beware of crypto scams

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there are more and more people who want to take advantage of this trend. Crypto investors should be aware of the dangers of fraud, also known as scams. Again and again we read about cases in which the scammers do not shy away from identity theft and pretend to be well-known personalities. Therefore, if the conversation strikes you as odd, sensitive information should not be shared.


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Scambaiting streamer Kitboga declares war on scammers

The Twitch and YouTube streamer with the pseudonym “Kitboga” recently experienced such a case. The content creator, who has 1.2 million subscribers on Twitch and 3 million on YouTube, focuses on scambaiting on its channels. This means that Kitboga poses as a potential victim while wasting scammers’ time and resources by preventing them from simultaneously exploiting actual victims. “Every day there are scammers taking advantage of people,” the streamer said on his YouTube channel. “I call her to waste her time, walking people through her ‘script’ and her lies, reporting information when I can, and otherwise shedding light on a dark situation.” He also uses various imaginary characters as potential victims.

Fake Joe Biden wants bitcoin holdings

More than a year ago, one of Kitboga’s fictional characters was contacted by a scammer posing as none other than US President Joe Biden. The scammer contacted the streamer over a long period of time. In cooperation with the crypto exchange Kraken, however, the alleged Biden was then tricked: The trading platform for Bitcoin & Co. provided Kitboga with a user-defined and deceptively real web interface, which he presented to the fraudster via screen sharing. It shows a bitcoin balance worth more than $455,000. In a video clip that Kitboga shared on Twitter, the fake US President can be heard irritated at first by the sum, but then praised: “You’ve done a good job here.”

“Typo” when sending money

The streamer was then supposed to transfer the amount of approximately 12.47 bitcoin to the scammer’s wallet address, which began with a 3. Instead of copying the sent address directly, Kitboga pretended to have typed a B instead of the 3 in the transaction. This would have irrevocably sent the Bitcoin to the wrong address – much to the scammer’s displeasure, who then threw a fit of rage with the worst insults.

“We could have made him angry,” the streamer commented on the video clip via Twitter.

Notes on further cooperation

The video excerpt met with positive reactions on the short message service. In addition to the official Kraken account, Chief Security Officer Nick Percoco also responded.

“This was so much fun!” Percoco said, to which Kitboga replied, “It was a blast working on this together and I’m excited to see what comes next.”

So it remains to be seen whether the crypto exchange will continue to work together with the streamer in the future.

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