Fake Show on Rai 2 with Max Giusti: cast and guests, first episode

Derupts tonight at 9.20pm on Rai 2 Fake Show – Beware of imitations, new program hosted by Max Giustiin which everything is an illusion except the conductor. “You will have a hard time distinguishing what is true from what is false,” she asserted at the press conference. «Guests will have to play with never being themselves, but replicating sounds and songs. They have to put themselves out there, be someone else. Imitation is the queen of this program».

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Rai 2 therefore inaugurates its new television season with a completely original format, branded Rai and Endemol Shine Italy. A further step in the new direction of the network, «all oriented towards experimentation, light entertainment, to comedy and laughing and smiling all together with different formulas”, announced the director Marcello Ciannamea. «We are happy to start with this new program, exactly in line with the mood of this channel».

Fake Show – Beware of imitationshow does it work

In every episode, the guests – divided into two teams – are asked to get involved with dances and singing performances and so on. Together with them, a large audience of comedians and imitators ready to transform themselves into hosts, singers and other characters from the world of entertainment.

Going into more detail, teams participate in different tests, such as You hear this voice. In this round, one of the guests, sitting with his back to him in the center of the studio, listens to some songs. While the base goes on, a singer arrives and performs the piece live. The guest must understand whether he is the original or an imitator.

Max Giusti on Rai 2 with “Fake Show – Beware of imitations”. (Handle)

Fake Star, Artificial Reality and guests of the first episode

After that there are Fake Stars and Fakenomes, that is, imitators and characters ready to involve guests, but also to try their hand at sui generis imitations. In the end, the intervention of Artificial Intelligence, renamed Artificial Reality. He enters the studio re-proposing the scenography of a television program. The objective is to involve the two teams and make them interact with the imitators who, from time to time, take on the appearance of the original host.

About this, Max Giusti anticipates that the titles will not be the real ones, but they are always successful formats. So here they come Sunday Hon, Fake Show of records, FornelliChef. «Artificial Intelligence dictates our narrative line», explains. «In the first episode she tells me that she felt like Sunday. A door opens, I take our guest, naive, unaware, and he is catapulted into a Sunday television program of which he will be an integral part.”

Among tonight’s guests, Filippo Bisciglia, Rossella Brescia, Valeria Graci, Peppe Iodice, Andrea and Luca from Panpers. In the next episodes, however, Gabriele Corsi, Carolina Rey and the parodies of Pino Insegno and Morgan. To these are added “Alessandro Borghese and Fabio Caressa”, Giusti announces, but it is not known whether it will really be them or their imitators.

Max Giusti: «Fake Show it’s a crazy and light program”

“I’m very excited, it’s all very magical,” says the host. Fake Show it’s «a crazy, light-hearted program, great fun and with only one peculiarity: it’s all written, even if you won’t notice it. That’s what we hope for.” In this new adventure he plays the role of the host and anticipates that he will not engage in imitations or parodies.

«I’ll be the host, we’ll have lots of imitations. I hope everyone understands that the parodied characters are not the original ones, but it is a reading that we give. We don’t want to be similar to a character, but to create a new one, which is the fusion between the real one and the one that our interpreter brings out with a new key. There is a bit of incorrectness, but we do it with a smile on our faces to entertain the public, never to make fun.”

Then he adds: «They say that television is always the same. Here, we are an absolutely new, artisanal program. I think of the first edition of 4 restaurants, Hyenas, Zelig. These programs started very small, even limping, and have made the history of modern TV. For Fake Show I would like to ask you to give us time. I hope that this program receives a lot of trust and support to be able to grow and improve».

Francesca Manzini, Max Giusti and Claudio Lauretta at the press conference of “Fake Show – Beware of imitations”. (Handle)

The permanent cast includes comedians Claudio Lauretta and Francesca Manzini

In all episodes he will be joined by Claudio Lauretta and Francesca Manziniwho promise to make themselves completely available. «We will be everything that can be useful to Max. His joker, his guarantee, his lifeline», specifies Manzini. In the first episode she will step into the shoes of Mara Venier, while Lauretta will be Gerry Scotti and Antonino Cannavacciolo.

Also in the cast are Gennaro Calabrese and Maurizio Di Girolamo, ready to transform into Roberto Benigni respectively – «the Benigni of the 90s», explains Giusti – and Flavio Insinna. In the end, Vincenzo Albano is entrusted with the space dedicated to fake news. «We have called together the best Italian imitators. The trick was to find someone less known or bring out someone who had remained a little more hidden over the years”, concludes Giusti.