Fake bank employees at the front door: criminals target older people. New form of scam, that’s how they work

    The perpetrators first call their victims, speak Dutch, pretend to be a bank employee, and report that money has disappeared from the bank account. After the phone call, a ‘fellow bank employee’ comes to the victim’s house, supposedly to help and recover the money.

    In reality it was just the opposite and the victims were defrauded for a large amount at that time. In each case, either money could be transferred to the account of the perpetrators, or physical or online purchases were made with the bank card or money could be withdrawn via an ATM, or a combination of these.

    “In Kortrijk, between 11 and 19 November, 4 elderly people (+ 80 years old) were already victims. It is therefore important that their children and grandchildren also help to inform their (grand)parents about these fraudulent practices.”

    4 recent facts in the same way

    An elderly lady receives a telephone call from a lady/gentlemen who says she works at BNP Paribas/KBC/other known banking institution and informs that almost 2,000 euros were taken from the elderly lady’s account by criminals.

    The ‘bank employee’ tells the victim that they can recover the money, but that she must present her bank card to the bank as soon as possible or that she must make the necessary banking transactions. Given the advanced age of the victim, the bank employee suggests sending a colleague to help. Moments later, someone is actually at the front door of the victim, which increases the confidence of the victims. A number of actions are then carried out on site, such as:

    • the bank code and bank card are requested or stolen
    • a card reader and PC banking are used
    • the bank card is cut in half and taken with you
    • it is said that a new bank card with pin code will be sent
    • the so-called bank employee calls back to ask if the other colleague is already on site

    Afterwards, various cash withdrawals, physical or online purchases and also transfers abroad take place. Money is transferred from savings accounts to current accounts, so that money can also be stolen. Victims have lost large amounts of money in this way.


    The VLAS police zone therefore wants to warn its residents and gives these tips:

    • Never give your bank card and/or pin code to someone you do not know (well).
    • A bank employee will never ask you to give your secret PIN code.
    • A bank employee will never come to your home just like that.
    • Immediately call the local telephone number 1701 of the PZ VLAS if you receive a telephone call from a so-called bank employee.
    • If you have already fallen victim to this form of fraud, be sure to make an appointment to report it to the commissariat.