Fake agents organized drug transport: up to three years in prison

Four men who organized an illegal international drug transport as fake agents in early 2019 have been given prison sentences of six months to three years. The court in Den Bosch has determined this. The drug traffickers come from Oss (two), Vlijmen and Nijmegen.

The men knew that 509 kilos of hemp was being smuggled in a truck from Spain. The stuff was hidden among a load of cheese. The driver knew nothing: he did not know that drugs were hidden in his car and then thought he was dealing with real police officers when he was stopped on the highway.

In preparation, two of the four men had flown to Spain several times to have a sounding beacon placed on a truck so that they could track the vehicle from a distance. Hemp was hidden among cheese in the truck.

In February 2019, the truck was met in our country and forced to stop on the A2 highway near Zaltbommel. By men posing as police officers. The unsuspecting driver, a man from Belarus, was taken to a warehouse in Oss, which was registered to the father of one of the men from Oss.

Stolen police supplies
A room in the warehouse was set up as a police station. The men used items that the youngest man had stolen after an internship with the police in Oss. After the truck was transferred to the warehouse, the Belarus was taken to the border.

Nearly two years later, in January 2021, the four suspects were arrested. The highest sentence was for a 44-year-old man from Oss, he received three years. A 23-year-old fellow citizen was given an unconditional prison sentence of six months and for the same period if he commits another crime. A 34-year-old man from Vlijmen has been sentenced to two years and eight months and a 49-year-old Nijmegen resident was sentenced to two years and four months.

According to the court, they only cooperated in a professional plan. They were also accused of pretending to be police officers. The judge in the ruling: “In this way, the authority of the police is seriously undermined.”


Four fake police officers arrested in drug transport investigation