Facial Dermaroller: what it is, how it works and what are the benefits

une of the first celebs to sing the praises of dermaroller was Jennifer Aniston: to the US magazine Peoplethe actress confided that she was so enthusiastic about it that she called it “the rejuvenating tool” for its strong firming and toning action. Thanks to her, who opened the way, the number of admirers has increased dramatically, and includes names of the caliber of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashan and Demi Moore.

Dermaroller, what it is and how it works

The specialists use the dermaroller during the micro-needling protocol, also called percutaneous collagen induction therapy. «The device is small and handy, shaped like a pen, and has a head covered with small needles. These they repeatedly and quickly sting the area to be treated», explains Maria Gabriella di Russo, specialist in hydrology, aesthetic doctor and member of the scientific committee Agora Milan.

The skin reacts to the micro-punctures by implementing a self-repair mechanism. «In a completely natural way, it begins to produce a higher quantity of collagen than normal, in order to repair the damage suffered. In other words, it triggers a cellular turnover typical of very young people», says the expert. «It should be remembered that this method is not for everyone, and can only be performed on intact skin».

The dermaroller device (Getty Images)

Micro-punctures beneficial for the skin

The dermaroller used in the microneedling procedure it therefore gives a restructuring push. «The triggered skin self-regeneration follows a precise process, similar to what occurs after a cut or wound: over the days the skin heals and forms a crusticine: when it falls it reveals a new, smooth and luminous epidermis» says Maria Gabriella Di Russo.

“In the days following the procedure, the skin is more or less red. Typically appear are only Red dots, and the use of soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing creams for 7/10 days is always recommended. Then yes to specific creams depending on the type of epidermis ».

«The greater production of collagen initiates a virtuous mechanism: progressively cooler fibrous tissue creates volume, which minimizes small wrinkles and expression lines. Age spots are also less noticeable. The results last a long time, and must be repeated regularly 2-3 times a year.».

Overall rejuvenated skin isn’t the only benefit. «Scars, including those left by acne, can also be treated. Furthermore, the dermaroller is not only used on the face, eye contour and neck, but gives excellent results in the treatment of stretch marks», says the expert.

Medical, aesthetic and do-it-yourself: the differences

There are substantial differences among the dermarollers used by the doctorthose proposed by beauty institutes and the versions intended for do-it-yourself.

«Neither the dermaroller used in beauty centers nor the home one can start the process of self-repair, because they do not have the characteristics. In fact, they are equipped with micro-needles that cannot exceed 0.5 mm the former, and the latter with very short blunt micro-needles. These versions are useful because they create micro-channels in the skin which favor the absorption of the active ingredients contained in serums and creams», explains Maria Gabriella Di Russo.

The medical dermaroller, instead, it features sharp and longer needles, that it ranges from 1 to 1.5 mm and beyond. «These characteristics make it possible to really start the process of “repairing” the fabrics», underlines Maria Gabriella Di Russo.