Face Rotting Doesn’t Stop Danniella Westbrook – Earn Now at Onlyfans

Westbrook plans to benefit from his numerous cosmetic surgeries.

Daniella Westbrook plans to capitalize on the results of her plastic surgery by posting photos on OnlyFans. PDO

Actress and TV personality Danniella Westbrook, 49, plans to take advantage of the Onlyfans site. According to the Daily Mail, Westbrook is selling her previous breast implants on the site for a whopping price.

The actress, who has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries, recently underwent her eighth breast surgery in Turkey, where her breasts were enlarged four sizes. Westbrook sells the implants removed in the surgery on his Onlyfans account.

– My breast implants were removed and I’m selling them for around £40,000, how exciting, Westbrook commented to the Daily Mail.

The 40,000 pounds requested for the implants is approximately 46,000 euros. Westbrook is believed to be trying to cover his cosmetic surgery expenses with the money he received from Onlyfans.

Westbrook plans to cash in on his OnlyFans account. She hopes to get the best profit from breast implants. PDO

The EastEnders actor has had to undergo multiple operations after an overdose of cocaine collapsed his nasal septum in the early 2000s. The repair surgery went so badly wrong that the star’s cheekbones and gums rotted during the operation.

The actor has spoken openly about his failed surgery and the pains he suffered. Attempts have been made to save her face with various cosmetic surgeries, and in April she underwent major cosmetic surgery for her face in Turkey. Among other things, Westbrook underwent surgery on his jaw line and had his cheeks repaired.

The recovering actor told The Sun magazine in July that the nightmarish situation could at worst lead to his death.

– If I don’t do this (surgery), the palate at the back of my mouth might collapse and I’ll suffocate to death. When I went to Turkey, I could have died if someone had even pushed me. I am not the youngest or healthiest person in the world, he previously told the magazine.

The changed appearance has been a tough spot for the star, and he is trying to get his face and health back in shape with the help of surgeries.

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