“Face It Alone”: Queen release video for new song with Freddie Mercury

Queen have released a new video for the song “Face It Alone”. The hitherto forgotten song, which dates back to the sessions for the album “The Miracle” (1989), has been available since the beginning of October. It’s the first new Queen song to feature Freddie Mercury vocals in eight years.

“The intention, regardless of the interpretation of the lyrics, was to create an upbeat video that celebrates the fact that the period in which this song was recorded was one of the most prolific and cohesive in the band’s history,” states von the band. “Glad you lovely Parallaxers are enjoying these hidden gems,” guitarist Brian May wrote on Instagram. “Enjoys it! And tell me how you feel – ok?”

The video, in which excerpts from music videos from the “Miracle” era are combined with new animations, was directed by Simon Lupton. “The meaning of the song was interpreted in such a way that in a disaster, you instinctively surround yourself with what is dearest and most important to you,” he says. “Being immersed in his work and surrounding himself with his bandmates gave Freddie that control. Of course, in the end you have to deal with it on your own – but the people around you can help you deal with it.”

You can watch the video here:

“The Miracle” will be released on November 18 as a collector’s edition, which will also include five other previously unreleased Queen songs – albeit without Freddie Mercury’s vocals. Previously unknown pieces with Mercury were released by Queen for the last time in 2014 on the compilation “Queen Forever”.