F1, Grosjean returns to Bahrain and visits the site of the accident: “The Phoenix curve”

The Frenchman posted a photo of himself in the corner where he risked dying 4 years ago. On that occasion, he crashed his Haas and managed to escape from the burning cabin. Barring a miracle, Romain considers that episode a sort of rebirth

Federico Mariani

March 2 – 3.23pm – MILAN

Romain Grosjean he called it the “Phoenix Curve”. It is difficult to find a more fitting definition for the point at the exit of the first variant of the Manama circuit, where, in F1 Bahrain GP 2020the Frenchman collided with the Haas. A violent impact, followed by a fire on the car: Romain risked dying in the flames. 28 interminable seconds passed before we saw him emerge from the flames on his legs. A sort of rebirth from certain death, as the pilot defined it, who yesterday, for the first time since the dramatic accident, returned to see that curve, almost four years later.


It was the Frenchman who broke the news of his return to the cursed stretch, surprising his followers on Facebook and Instagram with a photo of him in Sakhir, waiting to watch the first round of the F1 World Championship 2024. The caption is emblematic: “Here I am for a walk at the Fenice curve”. “Phoenix” was the nickname that Romain gave himself, inspired by the famous sacred bird which, according to Egyptian mythology, was continually reborn from its own ashes. In that accident the Frenchman suffered burns to his hands, especially on the left. A consequence of touching the hot bodywork to get out of the fire. But it wasn’t enough to stop his passion for racing.

after bahrain

The stage in Sakhir remains Grosjean’s last appearance in F1: in fact the injury caused him to miss the final two rounds of 2020. After his recovery, the Frenchman relaunched himself in IndyCar, where he still competes today. Furthermore, since 2022 it has become part of the Lamborghini LMDh program, involved in the Endurance world. However, the relationship with the Circus has not been completely interrupted. Mercedes promised Romain to carry out a test with the 2019 or 2020 single-seater. A test for pure fun, even if the date still remains to be defined.