Famous actress Ezgi Eyüboğlu had a surprise breakup with Seda Sayan’s son, Oğulcan Engin, with whom she had been in love for nearly 2 years, last September. The duo, who continued to follow each other on social media despite the separation, later broke the last bond between them; Engin and Eyüboğlu had mutually stopped following each other.

    The reasons for the separation, which brought the couple to the point of deleting each other, became a matter of curiosity, as they shared romantic posts at every opportunity and their marriage was considered certain.

    Oğulcan Engin, who was displayed at the exit of the place he owned, answered questions about separation; He replied, “I don’t know, ask Ms. Ezgi”. However, after a short time, he also removed the photos of them together.


    Speaking to All magazine after the breakup, the actress said, “Why do we consume our relationships so fast? Do we not know the value of our life?” He gave a remarkable answer to the question.

    Eyüboğlu said, “I am someone who appreciates myself, takes care of it, works hard, and tries to keep it alive, not to consume. That’s why I don’t have the answer to this question.”

    Eyüboğlu said that he did not give up easily and that he always looked to the future, and that he focused on his profession and career, and did not think about anything else while working. The actor answered the question about compromising, “I have compromised many things in the past… Whether it was worth it or not. We learn by living, over time,” he replied.


    Speaking to Women’s Shine Magazine afterwards, the famous name stated that he is a person with high energy and his energy does not fall off easily, and said, “When something bothers me, I immediately change my focus. You cannot see me upset about something for a long time.”

    Pointing out that she was more shy and disliked to socialize before she started acting, Eyüboğlu said, “My profession has eroded all these features of mine, made me a much more confident woman with strong social relations. It developed my sense of empathy.”


    The 33-year-old beauty said, “Is there any prejudice about yourself that you want to destroy? Do you have any characteristics that you can define as your personal boundaries that you will never compromise?’ “There is no prejudice I want to break because it doesn’t matter to me what anyone thinks. I don’t make concessions about my job and things that I think only concern me,” she replied.


    Ezgi Eyüboğlu, 34, caught the eye on the pier of a hotel in Bodrum the other day after all this.

    Eyüboğlu wandered around the pier for a while and viewed the surroundings with his phone, then he did not neglect to lie down in the box and pose for his friend on the stairs of the pier.

    The beautiful actress, who could not stay at the pier due to the windy weather, did not prefer to swim in the sea and left there.