Glennis Grace hints at a breakup with her beloved Dion Kars, who was reportedly also involved in her much-discussed brawl in the Jumbo. “You won’t break my soul!”

    © William Rutten

    It seems that Glennis Grace and her boyfriend Dion Kars, who according to the juice channels is an aggressive type, have split up. “The Instagram account of Dion, Glenda’s psycho boyfriend, is suddenly offline and Glennis posts this quote. Is the short love story between these two already over?”, writes the juice channel juice channel

    Trouble in paradise

    Glennis’ conscious quote reads as follows: “You won’t break my soul.”

    The juice channel: “We therefore suspect that there are trouble in paradise are with Glennis and her psycho lover. If this is not the case: at least since Friday he has been texting other ladies that he completely ignored during his relationship with Glenda.”

    A spy added: “There is definitely trouble in paradise. He didn’t celebrate her birthday with her either and he’s been out for dinner and drinks for the past week without her and Glenda without him.”

    Glennis is silent

    Glennis has not yet responded to the rumors other than that quote. “RTL Boulevard, can you call again?” Juice Channel asks.

    Programs such as RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws often climb into the telephone after the publication of rumors on juice channels to obtain confirmation or denial from the parties involved. So far there is no news about it.


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