THEl fourth commandment – Honor your father and mother – is the title of the fourth episode Don Matteo 12in replica tonight at 21.25 on Rai 1. In this new nostalgic date, all space is occupied by the new love triangle between Anna, Marco and Sergiobut also by two important innovations that will shock Natalina and Cecchini.

    Don Matteo 12the plot of Honor your father and mother

    Between murders and important revelations, in Spoleto these are hectic days. One of the protagonists of the episode is certainly Natalina (Nathalie Guetta). There perpetua by Don Matteo (Terence Hill) she realizes she is being chased and spied on by a man. She scared, she tries to report him, but it does not have enough elements to proceed. Shortly after, however, Manlio Cestori (Paolo De Vita) shows up in the rectory and, thanks to the help of the parish priest, he confesses to her that he is her father.

    In that moment Natalina feels again all the suffering of a life lived alone, after being abandoned at the age of 4, by Manlio. Despite the anger, little by little it softens and feels like the start of a relationship which could prove to be important. Meanwhile in the Umbrian town it is consumed a new murder. This is the notary De Cumis, Elvira’s father (Silvia Gallerano), a woman about to get married with Valerio (Riccardo Leonelli).

    The marten hairs found on the victim’s body lead to suspect of Manlio, but he provides an alibi, thanks to the intervention of Natalina. Her perpetual, driven by the desire to meet her father for the first time, lies to the carabinieribut he does not yet know that Manlio is actually a scammer.

    Marshal Cecchini becomes a grandfather

    It is not an easy time for Marshal Cecchini (Nino Frassica). The daughter Assuntina (Simona Di Bella), a student at the Sorbonne in Paris, returns to the city for a few days. Behind the apparent desire to be with the family, she hides an important novelty: is pregnant. Knowing his father’s sometimes impulsive and theatrical ways, he looks for a way to announce the good news, but it will be Elisa (Pamela Villoresi) to help her in the company.

    Nino’s reaction is in line with the character, but the worry lessens when the boyfriend of the daughter, the officer Zappavigna (Domenico Pinelli), he says he is ready to marry her. The troubles do not end there, because Assuntina hides a secret of no small importance. The child who is expecting is not Romeo’s, but Vincent (Alberto Boubakar Malanchino), a 27-year-old French boy, law graduate and son of an ambassador.

    When the girl finally confesses the truth to her partner, a new twist arrives. Romeo is so in love that he is willing to raise Vincent’s son. Although flattered and amazed by the wave of selfless love, Assuntina refuses because she is in love with Vincent, even though the boy has no intention of taking on his responsibilities.

    Terence Hill,

    Terence Hill in “Don Matteo 12”. (Rai)

    Anna, Sergio, Marco: the beginning of the love triangle

    There fourth episode of Don Matteo 12 see the birth of the love triangle between Anna (Maria Chiara Giannetta), Marco (Maurizio Lastrico) and Sergio (Dario Aita). The ex-betrothed try to mend a relationship. Chocolates, flowers, concerts: Nardi does everything to regain the captain’s trust, but it’s not easy. Furthermore, Olivieri and La Cava begin to be more and more united and Marco can only be jealous of them.

    About Sergio, once again Anna has to deal with her lies and with her cryptic attitude. After recognizing his difficulty in approaching a Ines (Aurora Menenti), advises him to spend more time with his daughter. The man’s reaction is unsettling. La Cava confesses that she has always known that the ex-partner Irene was pregnant with her and she deliberately decided not to take care of the child.

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    “Don Matteo 13”, the hour of farewell for Terence Hill has come: the preview clip

    “Don Matteo 13”, the hour of farewell for Terence Hill has come: the preview clip

    After that, Anna realizes that she is still in love with Marco, but she cannot forgive him for the betrayal. Sergio finds her in tears and hugs her. It will be the beginning of a long chapter made of ups and downs, which will come to an end only at end of the thirteenth season. At the end of the episode we discover the truth about Natalina: she is not of noble origins, as Manlio wanted her to believe, but the daughter of a very sick maid, which does not have much time left to live. And Manlio, in the end, is unmasked.