Extreme E, Rosberg charity plants 4000 trees in Sardinia

After last July’s stops at Capo Teulada, Extreme E and the team of the former F.1 world champion wanted to leave a legacy on the island. “RxR isn’t just racing, it’s so much more.” Excited the pilot, Alin-Kottulinsky: “The most important race is to save the planet”

Mario Salvini


01 December

Nico Rosberg and his team had a promise to keep and a legacy to leave in Sardinia. And today they did. They started the planting of 4000 between shrubs and trees donated by him to the municipality of Sennariolo (Oristano). The 2016 Formula 1 World Champion had already been to the island in July, on the occasion of the two stages of Extreme E at Capo Teulada. And today he returned to live up to the agreement at the time, with his Rosberg X Racing team. They arrived in Sennariolo and the restoration operation of an area damaged by the violent fires which in Sardinia, in the summer of 2021, had devastated a total of 20 thousand hectares.

Extreme inheritance E

The initiative, carried out in collaboration with Allianz, LifeTerra and the MEDSEA Foundation, is part of the various Legacy projects, i.e. inheritance, legacy, desired and conducted by Extreme E in the venues where its championship was held. And Extreme E’s initiative has been joined by RXR’s Driven By Purpose, the charity body directly emanating from the Rosberg team. The goal is to restore a four-hectare area, in which 4,000 shrubs and trees will be planted that will bring back the original vegetation and other variants that can accelerate recovery and ensure a more balanced ecosystem capable of coping with the difficulties caused by changes climatic. Another 1,000 trees will instead be planted in the territory of Teulada, the municipality that had hosted the event within the Army Training Area.

from cambridge

In Sardinia Extreme E also continues to follow the projects relating to the centuries-old olive trees damaged by the fires and the fire sensors installed last July with the partnership of Vodafone Business. Together with Nico Rosberg, the RXR pilot, the Swedish Mikaela Alin-Kottulinsky and Professor Peter Wadhams, emeritus of the University of Cambridge who is part of the scientific committee of Extreme E also arrived in Sennariolo. Nico Rosberg was awarded by the same association with the LifeTerra Climate Award in the Most Impactful Sustainability Entrepreneur category for his constant commitment to support environmental causes. “Rosberg X Racing doesn’t just mean racing – he commented – We are in Sardinia to promote an important message with our partners Allianz, LifeTerra and MEDSEA Foundation. We support social and environmental projects in all stages of the series. With our help, we want Sardinia to return to its natural beauty and I couldn’t be more proud of this vision.”

The emotion of Åhlin-Kottulinsky

“Once again, with the Island X Prix, ACI has shown that it has the professionalism and ability to host and organize world-class motoring events”, added Giulio Pes of San Vittorio, president of the ACI Regional Committee “For me, the most important race I can ever participate in is to save our planet. Even if we can only have a small impact, I hope we can inspire fans and supporters to do their part. And see here today the new generations by our side (32 children from the “Giovanni Lilliu” Primary School in Cagliari, ed.), gives me great hopes”, significantly concluded Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky.