Although Christmas has only just ended, you are probably not the only one who is already longing for a day off. That is why it is good to know that an official holiday means a day off for many Zoetermeer residents. Grab your calendar, because the holidays in 2023 fall on these dates.

    on the government website states the following about public holidays and the right to a day off: “There is no law that states that certain public holidays are days off for employees. So there is no legal right to a day off on a particular public holiday.” Check your collective labor agreement or employment contract to see if you are free on the following holidays.

    Good Friday

    The first special day in the list of public holidays is Good Friday. This day always falls on the Friday before Easter and follows the Easter weekend. Good Friday will therefore be celebrated on Friday 7 April in 2023.

    Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer


    A few days later it is Easter. This feast comes after Holy Saturday, the day of silence after the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday, Jesus is said to have risen from the grave. Reason for celebration within Christianity. This year, Easter Sunday falls on Sunday, April 9 and Easter Monday, Monday, April 10. So an extra day off.

    Source: bible.eo

    Easter 2019 Zoetermeer
    Easter in the Woonhart

    Royal day

    King’s Day will be celebrated this year on Thursday 27 April. Good news: King Willem-Alexander’s birthday is a national holiday, so get your best King’s Day outfit out of the closet! View images of King’s Day in Zoetermeer from last year here.

    King's Day 2022 Zoetermeer
    King’s Day 2022 Zoetermeer. Photo: indebuurt

    Liberation Day

    On May 4, we commemorate the victims of the war during the National Remembrance Day. A day later it’s time for a party: Liberation Day. On this day we celebrate the liberation from the German occupation in the Netherlands in 1945. Liberation Day therefore always falls on May 5 and this year it will be celebrated on a Friday.

    The key question is of course: is Liberation Day 2023 an official day off? It has been agreed in most collective labor agreements that you only get a paid day off if Liberation Day falls in a lustrum year. Unfortunately, this will only take place again in 2025. Nice: Liberation Day then falls on a Monday!

    Liberation Festival Zoetermeer 2022
    Liberation Festival Zoetermeer 2022

    Ascension Day

    Ascension always falls exactly forty days after Easter Sunday and ten days before Pentecost. This year, the holiday falls on Thursday, May 18. Ascension Day is a memorial in Christianity that Jesus ascended to his father in heaven, God. This happened on the fortieth day of his resurrection (Easter), hence the forty days.

    Source: bible.eo

    Ascension Service 2021 Zoetermeer


    Whit Monday and Whit Monday, the last public holidays of spring, will be celebrated this year on Sunday 28 May and Monday 29 May. We already knew that, because Pentecost takes place ten days after Ascension Day and fifty days after Easter. After Pentecost we have to wait again until December for the next official holidays.

    Rokkeveen Zoetermeer
    Hiking in Rokkeveen. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer


    Christmas was not entirely favorable last year, but that will be different in 2023. Christmas Day falls on Monday 25 December and Boxing Day on Tuesday 26 December. That means: an extra long weekend! And although New Year’s Day will take a while in 2024, we can already reveal that this day falls on a Monday. So another long weekend!

    Christmas Zoetermeer
    Christmas in Zoetermeer. Photo: Municipality