Contractor Akor, the builder of the garage, then made some adjustments. The places where pipes enter the garage are all coated, among other things. The interventions initially seemed sufficient. But a local resident who uses the garage says that little has changed after almost two years. “Sometimes there is a small puddle at the exit, sometimes a lot of water.”

    The municipality, owner of the parking garage, has announced that it will investigate the leaks again. “We are waiting for the next heavy rain to find out exactly where the leaks are,” said a spokesman. “We currently do not know exactly where they are. Then it will also become clear to us how we can solve this.”

    In case of any repairs, Akor will again bear the costs, just like two years ago, the spokesperson confirms. “The same agreements as at the time still apply in that case.”

    The spokesperson cannot say whether (several) reports have been received by the municipality about the leaks between March 2021 and the beginning of this year. “I can’t say that. But it is clear to us that the problems are getting worse.”