Exporo experiences: The crowd investing platform Exporo in a detailed test

How exactly does Exporo inventory work?

An investment with Exporo holdings via the Exporo crowdinvesting platform also takes place in four steps:

First you can find out about individual properties and then invest in them. The rental income is then generated by tenants paying their contractually owed rent every month.

In the second step that follows, interest and repayment of the bank financing are serviced from the rental income.

The payments for the expenses for management and development take place in the third step.

Finally, the investment amounts are repaid, including participation in the performance after the end of the term.

There are no costs for the investor with the Exporo holding option, as Exporo bears the transaction and custody costs. Incidentally, since 2019 Exporo has been offering securities that are issued and held on the basis of blockchain technology.

Note that real estate financing using the Exporo crowdinvesting platform also involves risks. For example, the bonds in which investors with Exporo holdings invest are subject to price fluctuations. The value of the bonds can therefore fall or rise.

Important: In contrast to a property that you rent out yourself, there is no effort for you as an Exporo customer – the crowd investing platform takes over the entire asset management. You benefit from all the advantages, such as quarterly distributions of the rental surplus and participation in the value development of the property.