Explosion on bridge between Canada and US: two occupants of exploded car killed, border crossings closed | Abroad

The FBI says it is investigating a car explosion on a bridge between Canada and the United States near Niagara Falls. New York State authorities say a situation involving the Rainbow Bridge between the two countries is “being closely monitored.”

According to local media, a car traveling on the Rainbow Bridge towards the US exploded. According to ‘Fox News’, two occupants of the car were killed. A border guard agent was reportedly injured.

According to ‘Fox News’, the FBI is currently treating the case as a possible terrorist attack. However, Canadian Homeland Security Minister Dominic LeBlanc says it is too early to call it a “deliberate act”.

All four border crossings between Canada and New York State have been closed due to the incident. The border guards of both countries have not yet commented on the incident. Security measures have been tightened on the Canadian side of the border, according to Minister LeBlanc.

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in the United States, one of the most important holidays of the year for Americans.