EXCLUSIVE Bonolis: “Juve? Same story as always. The evidence is denied. And at the Var they have…”

Usual story, usual poisons. Another Inter-Juventus went on file, or maybe not. Because we inevitably and understandably continue to talk about what happened on the occasion of the decisive goal for the Bianconeri. The double handball by Rabiot first and then by Vlahovic in the action that leads to Kostic’s goal seem evident, but Chiffi and the VAR preferred not to intervene. To the fury of the entire Inter environment, Inzaghi in the first place, who now demands more respect. Also Paolo Bonolis, a well-known conductor and Nerazzurri fan, is of the same opinion, expressing all his bitterness to FCInter1908.it.

There is little to analyze, we have all seen what happened. As usual there will be some people who will be left with something stolen and with the controversy on them and others with points available. It is history repeating itself. It’s been a few years now, I don’t even care anymore. It is a story that repeats itself: there is someone who has to walk alone and someone else who can walk with help. Always the same movie, even a little boring. I wondered what they were looking at all that time at VAR. Maybe they were looking for a reason to be able to say what they later said. It took some time to find it. Happy them. On the other hand, there are those who do things alone and those who need others to do them.

But there was an image, which was never broadcast again, in which everything is very clear. Come on, we’re not kidding.