Excessively dry and tight skin? Add this product to your skincare routine right away

If you suffer from dry, cloudy and tight skin, take care water for help.

The function of the treatment water is to moisturize the skin and prepare it for other power products. It should be applied or dabbed onto the skin before other skin care products.

The light product helps to bring additional moisture to the skin, soothes and cares for the skin. The treatment water should be layered on the skin in several layers, so that the skin remains soft, bright and moisturized with Takuu.

Choose, for example, a soothing lotion for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Instead, it is better to bring additional moisture with the help of conditioner to a moisture-poor one. Aged skin often needs a nourishing and caring product. Dull and impure skin benefits from a gently exfoliating option.

Try these:

The Neal’s Yard Franinscience treatment water from the natural cosmetics brand gives the skin the additional hydration it needs. The gel-like composition feels pleasant on the skin and is easy to apply to the face. The aromatherapeutic scent of the product comes from frankincense essential oil. The skin remained plump and the tension was gone. 54.50 e, Jolie.

The Finnish By Raili Hydrating Lotion contains, among other things, hyaluronic acid and Finnish lingonberry extract. The product is also particularly suitable for aging skin, as its plumping effect is promised to smooth the fine lines of the skin. The skin remained beautifully bright, the moisturizer was well absorbed and the beautiful makeup base was easy to conjure up on the face. 21.50 e, Naviter.

The luxurious Dior’s Capture Totale Intensive care liquid is the perfect choice for those who need pampering care for their skin. Brings beautiful lightness and brightness to the face in a few seconds. The product consists of 95 percent natural ingredients. It promises to help strengthen the skin’s own protective layer and to improve the skin’s structure in the long term. Really like to use this every day. 75 e, Stockmann.

Vegan Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Smoothing lotion. If your skin feels rough and cloudy, this is the right product for you. The light, milky anti age treatment water is an easy and effective addition to your skin care routine. The active ingredients include birch sap extract, lactic acids and porcelain flower microbe extract. The product, which gently exfoliates the skin, makes the skin supple and brightens. 77.95 e, Eleven.

Huxley’s Priming Essence Radiance Layer treatment concentrate is the perfect help for a beautiful, long-lasting, moisturized and even makeup base. Exceptionally, this product is applied to the skin on top of other care products as a make-up primer, but it is suitable for layering like a conditioner. Contains, among other things, plant sterols and cactus-derived ceramides. Surface dry skin became beautifully round and smooth. 49.90 e, You are beautiful.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Micro Capsule treatment water is suitable for mature and tired skin. With the help of ceramides, the skin gets the moisture and youthful glow it needs. It also contains, among other things, orchid stem cells and red algae and tsubaki oil extracts. Left the facial skin soft and the skin texture more glowing. The light and pleasant product was absorbed quickly. Stay in standard use! 59.50 e, Sokos.

Rich Frudia Avocado Relief Essence face wash is the perfect product for stressed and irritated skin. Instead of water, it contains avocado extract rich in amino acids, which promises to nourish especially sensitive and stressed skin. The product surprises with its abundance: a small amount goes a long way. Absorbs quickly and feels refreshing. 17.95 e, Your lover.

The NCEF care liquid from the French pharmacy cosmetics brand Filorgan brings relief to aged, dry skin. The product promises to renew the skin, improving the texture and tone of the skin. Perfect for layering, where the skin was guaranteed to absorb enough moisture and the skin felt nourished. The face remained bright-looking and the tension of the spring-winter was in its way. 49 e, University’s pharmacy.

Product images: manufacturers.