Ex-DFB star has to pay a high fine – girlfriend abused

Former BVB professional and DFB star Nico Schulz has to pay a fine of 150,000 euros. He is said to have been violent towards his ex-girlfriend on several occasions.

The Borussia Dortmund chapter came to an end for Nico Schulz last summer. The club and player agreed to terminate the contract. The defender has been without a club since then. But recently he hadn’t drawn attention to himself through football anyway.

Several media outlets reported that an assault case against Schulz was temporarily discontinued on Wednesday – in exchange for a fine. Because the 30-year-old was reported by his former partner in June 2022. The reason: He is said to have physically abused her several times and was therefore charged by the public prosecutor in three cases.

Schulz’s defense attorney explained at the beginning of the trial that his client had definitely engaged in “misbehavior” in the relationship. However, the attacks described in the indictment did not take place in this form. The now 36-year-old witness refused to testify in court. Her lawyer pointed out that the witness could make herself liable to prosecution if she repeated the allegations in this form.

Now Schulz will probably have to pay 150,000 euros. The money will go to non-profit organizations. Schulz is now considered to have no criminal record, writes “Bild”.

The former national player is said to have paid a perpetrator-victim settlement to his ex-partner before the trial. How high this was is not known. The money given to those affected is said to have strengthened the court in its decision to stop the proceedings against Schulz after the 150,000 euros were paid.