Ex-DFB player Max Kruse shoots against Joachim Löw

In an interview, former national coach Joachim Löw criticized Max Kruse. Now the ex-striker is shooting back.

Former national player Max Kruse reacted with incomprehension and anger to the criticism of former national coach Joachim Löw. “The fact that a former national coach who is not known for getting out of his skin reacts like this to something like this actually says it all,” said Kruse on Monday on the sidelines of the small-field Baller League.

“If there was really no truth behind what I said, you wouldn’t go into it that way. Then you would say it was because of the performance. If he had just said that, no one would have said anything. But that’s how it seemed “It’s a bit disrespectful,” Kruse continued and announced that he would comment on the topic in more detail in his podcast, which will be published on Thursday night.

Löw: Kruse wasn’t good enough for the World Cup

From his point of view, the criticism made “no sense,” said the 35-year-old: “Not for me anyway, because I know what it was like. But it basically doesn’t make sense to say I wasn’t good enough and then two myself Months later after the World Cup I was invited back. Then apparently I was good enough again.”

Löw had previously denied Kruse’s claim that an incident before an international match in England was the background to his exclusion from the 2014 World Cup, where the German team won the title in Brazil. “The truth is: He just wasn’t good enough,” Löw told “Bild”

The former Bundesliga professional had his qualities as a player. “But Max would sometimes have been better off in the Uwe Seeler traditional team because the pace and his dynamism in the game were simply a bit too little,” explained Löw and explained: “We wanted to become world champions in football – and not in poker.”