EVOTEC share: What analysts think on paper in November

Last month, EVOTEC SE shares were put through their paces by analysts.

In November 2023, 6 analysts made an assessment of the EVOTEC SE share.

3 experts classify the EVOTEC SE share as a buy, 3 experts recommend holding the share.

The analysts’ average price target is EUR 24.80. This means an expected increase of EUR 6.22 to the current BMN price of the EVOTEC SE share of EUR 18.58.

The 6-month rating trend is Buy.

AnalystPrice targetDistance price targetDate
Jefferies & Company Inc.34.00 EUR82.99November 27, 2023
Warburg Research29.00 EUR56.08November 17, 2023
RBC Capital Markets18.60 EUR0.11November 16, 2023
RBC Capital Markets18.60 EUR0.11November 8, 2023
Warburg Research30.00 EUR61.46November 8, 2023
RBC Capital Markets18.60 EUR0.11November 6, 2023

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