Evert Santegoeds laughs at smoke screen Rachel Hazes: ‘Emotion card’

Evert Santegoeds thinks that Rachel Hazes is raising a smokescreen with her emotional story. “She’s very much playing on the emotion right now, isn’t she? But when is she going to refute the story?”

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It seems more and more that Rachel Hazes is going to back down in the inheritance case that daughter Roxeanne has initiated. Rachel’s lawyer Royce de Vries does not seem particularly sure of his case and her media representative Guido den Aantractor states that we should mainly look at the spirit and not at the letter of André’s will.

Rachel sleeps badly

Meanwhile, Rachel shouts that she can’t wait to tell her side of the story, but she was given the opportunity to do so last week during the hearing in Utrecht. She also has one statement on Instagram let her know that she feels so terrible. “I feel sad and have been sleeping badly for weeks.”

It does not impress Private boss Evert Santegoeds, who leaked the will of the late André Hazes. It is clear that Rachel would be disinherited if divorce proceedings were pending at the time of his death. And Rachel only withdrew it three months after André’s death. So a little too late.

Emotional smokescreen

Evert thinks that Rachel is creating an emotional smokescreen. She’s really playing on the emotion now, isn’t she? She says she would like to shout from the rooftops how it all went. Then I think: yes, you should have done that in court, but her lawyer came up with a confusing story about a tattooed wedding ring,” he says in the podcast. Strictly Private.

A tattooed wedding ring does not outweigh divorce proceedings, says Evert. “And we had to deal with that. And that while the whole story would be refuted!”

Black on white

Rachel is just not strong, says Evert. “Look, that the will is on the street: I can imagine that is very annoying for her, because it is in black and white. I also see the fierce reactions to it, from a Johan Derksen, from a Jan Dijkgraaf. Then I think: I am only responsible for what I have done.”

Evert refers to publishing the will. “That apparently doesn’t go far enough for her, because she says: ‘They are parts of the will.’ Well, we could publish the whole will next week, but that doesn’t change the article 13 which says that she will be disinherited as soon as proceedings are underway.”

Tipping Roxeanne?

Rachel’s story is shaky according to Evert. “In the courtroom, strangely enough, she did not deny at all that a procedure was underway in 2004, when André died. But now she starts again about that that was not the case at all. Well, then not. We will hear what the judge thinks on Thursday.”

Does Evert think he went too far with that will? “It goes a long way, but it also fits in with the tradition of Privé. We have also published the will of Wim Kan and that of Prince Bernhard. If you have it in your hands, it is a shame not to do anything with it, because it does of course provide insight into this lawsuit.”

René van der Gijp thinks that Roxeanne Hazes has leaked the will to Evert. He says about this: “I have no contact with Roxeanne, contrary to what people think.”

Evert’s reaction

Evert’s reaction in the podcast Strictly Private: