Evert Sanwaarden once again demonstrates how deep the traditional show media is with the stars. He half crawled onto the lap of Dutch celebrity friend Connie Witteman last night.

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    Private boss Evert Sankrediets does not care about the criticism that the regular show media are deeply concerned with the celebrities. He reappears in the stories by Connie Witteman. Yesterday they were laughing in the car on their way to the Rob de Nijs concert. The Private Boss sits half on her lap while they are singing songs together.

    Connie and Evert

    It is exactly why the juice channels were founded: celebrities who get a hand over their heads from types like Evert. After all, he will never give a critical note about befriended stars such as Connie Witteman and Martien Meiland. In fact: if possible, they are even praised all the way to heaven.

    Evert absolutely loves Connie. In the fall, the two of them already went to a party with Martien, where embarrassing images also surfaced. And now the two of them are playing a kind of Carpool Karaoke.

    Secondary Conditions

    According to Evert himself, it is more than logical that he saves befriended celebrities. For example, after Patty Brard’s wedding party, he waited five years before revealing that Bridget Maasland had misbehaved there.

    Why? Because Bridget was still a Shownieuws colleague at the time. “Those are the fringe benefits if you work here. That you don’t write about a colleague.”


    Afterwards, Connie also placed a photo with Evert in the room. You can read her stories here see.