Even Jaïr Ferwerda was not informed by uncollegial Eva Jinek: ‘No’

What a strange one, that Eva Jinek. She simply announces her return to the NPO, and no one at RTL hears from her. “No, me neither,” says Jaïr Ferwerda now.


It is logical that Eva Jinek secretly held discussions about a return to public broadcasting; If it breaks down, at least you haven’t hit RTL in the head. But as soon as the switch to AvroTros is complete and even worse: you announce it in the media, then wouldn’t it be nice to switch gears with your RTL colleagues?

Not collegial

Eva formed a team at RTL with Beau van Erven Dorens and Humberto Tan, but they never heard from her. When Beau complained about it to the media six months later, he finally received a text message, but as far as he was concerned, that was already too late. “I thought: yes, six months later, I won’t answer it anymore.”

Beau knew nothing, not Humberto, not Roelof Hemmen. Even Eva’s editorial staff, who switched to RTL especially for her, knew nothing about it. She was therefore called to account in the summer, while she was heavily pregnant. It’s all a very strange state of affairs and that makes one thing clear: we can’t exactly call Eva collegial.

And what about Jair?

And what about Jaïr Ferwerda? He also went to RTL especially for Eva. “I think it is a very brave move on her part and it is good that she goes for that content and that she looks at: which program or broadcaster do I want to make that for. Yes, no, I wish her all the luck, yes,” he says in front of the camera The Telegraph.

The reporter: “Are you still in touch with her?”

Jaïr then thinks – says enough – and then diplomatically says: “Of course I have contact with her from time to time – we are good colleagues – yes.”

Have you been told?

Contact with Eva: what does that look like? Two blue checks that she read your messages? The reporter: “Did she even tell you? Because there were some RTL colleagues that she had not told anything.”

Then Jaïr confesses: “Ehhh, she didn’t tell me either, no. No no no. So it came, ehhh… So it was indeed her decision to go that way.”

Go along

Will Jaïr stay at RTL? “And has it still been discussed that you might go with her?” asks the reporter from De Telegraaf.

No, says Jair. He also worked for RTL on the documentary about Caroline van der Plas. “Um, well, I was already busy with this Videoland documentary and I recently also signed with RTL, so some news too, guys, here. Ehhh, so I will happily stay with RTL for the time being, yes. And of course I wish Eva every success.”