Evelyn was beaten in the subway in Chile – No one stopped to help: “Walked like zombies”

Athlete Evelyn Ortiz was robbed.

Evelyn Ortiz lost faith in humanity. epa / aop, Instagram

Chilean 800m runner Evelyn Ortiz has told about a terrible experience in the subway of his country’s capital, Santiago de Chile.

of the BioBioChile website according to Ortiz writes on Twitter that he was robbed and no passerby even stopped to help him.

– The man hit me several times and my bag fell to the ground. He took my phone, and with it my faith in humanity. Nobody helped me. It felt like I was just lying on the ground and they were walking over me, Ortiz recalls.

The woman says that she has never wanted to live in fear, but being robbed shocked her a lot.

– I tried to complete the rest of the day normally. I took care of all the necessary things, but when I returned home, I was overcome with sadness. The kind of strange anger I’ve never felt before, Ortiz writes.

– I cried in that damn subway, when damned people walked past me like zombies. They didn’t even look at the person next to them.

Ortiz says his bank account was hacked and he was left with nothing.

Ortiz is a two-time Ibero-American champion in the 800 meters.