Eva Wahlström has enjoyed a calmer everyday life.

    Former top boxer Eva Wahlström’s life has calmed down considerably in recent years.

    Wahlström arrived at Aira Samulin’s Hyrsylä Mutka’s traditional Christmas party with her husband, a boxer Niklas Räsänen and the couple’s 1-year-old Elijah– with the boy.

    Niklas Räsänen and Eva Wahlström arrived in Hyrsylä Mutka with their son Elia. ATTE KAJOVA

    – We moved to Porvoo just over a year ago. Life has calmed down as a result, Wahlström tells Iltalehte cheerfully.

    The new family also includes Wahlström’s and Räsänen’s sons from previous relationships. Wahlström says that the family had a good time in Porvoo.

    – As an active athlete, home in Helsinki was a base, but now life is very family-oriented, and that’s a good thing.

    Wahlström will graduate as a designer later this year. Study time was tough for Wahlström, because he was waiting for his job at the same time. Wahlström has talked openly about her difficult pregnancy on social media.

    Now Wahlström is at home with the bump. Everyday life is also punctuated by the boxing of the 13-year-old firstborn, whose coaching Wahlström takes part in.

    After finishing his professional career, studying has been meaningful for Wahlström. At school, he says that he especially enjoyed doing things with his hands.

    – School has been really important and rewarding in terms of identity. Who am I if I’m not a boxer and who am I as a designer and artist, Wahlström ponders.

    – The change has been big from athlete to housewife and artist. On the other hand, all sides have always been in trouble.

    Jorma Uotinen wowed party guests as Santa Claus. ATTE KAJOVA

    Many public figures gathered at Aira Samulin’s Christmas party. ATTE KAJOVA

    Aira Samulin organized the traditional Christmas party again. ATTE KAJOVA

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