Eva Jinek writes down personal life lessons in new book | Show

Eva Jinek comes with a new book. In the second part of Dream Big the presenter, together with role models such as Carice van Houten and Fabienne Chapot, explores the question of how exactly you should be yourself. It is a ‘very personal book full of life lessons’, publisher Spectrum announces.

Eva Jinek (45) spoke to more than 20 people she admires for their special achievements and because they were brave at crucial moments. ‘They dare to speak out when necessary – and therefore know better than anyone why it is so important that we as human beings make our voices heard.’

In addition to interviews with Carice van Houten, Fabienne Chapot, Beatrice de Graaf, Daria Bukvić and a portrait of her own father, Jinek writes about the moment she lost her own voice – and how she found it again.

The first part of Dream Big came out three years ago. Dream Big part 2 will be released on February 27. Journalist Lizzy van Hees is co-author. Eva Jinek gave birth to her second child, Salo Leonora, on September 3. After her leave she starts working for the Avrotros. It is not yet known exactly which program she will present. According to general manager Eric van Stade, it will be ‘a distinctive program’.

The second part of Dream Groot, by Eva Jinek. © Spectrum

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