Eva Jinek with pants that are too tight on television: ‘Absurd woman’

Eva Jinek wore far too tight pants during her first TV appearance since her second birth, she writes in her column. “Absurd woman, I think to myself.”


A tremendous honor for Eva Jinek: last Monday evening she won the Sonja Barend Award for the second time for the best TV interview of the year. The presentation took place at Khalid & Sophie and there she first had to walk to the namesake of the award, Sonja Barend, and then behind Khalid to her place at the table.

Bright red Eva

And that was quite a challenge, according to Eva. “I hear Khalid that he is working towards the announcement, that it is a matter of minutes. Suddenly my heart starts pounding like crazy. I feel the blood rushing to my head. Absurd woman, I think to myself. You’ve been on TV for 15 years and you still turn bright red!”, she writes column.

For the six weeks before that, Eva had been at home with her new baby. “A planet where everyone wears a bathrobe, where everything smells like baby’s head, where no one talks in full sentences. Suddenly I’m here and I’m wearing real clothes. Suddenly I have to speak in full sentences again. Suddenly I know: I’m not ready for it.”

Tight pants

Eva acted very stressed to the admission director present. “I don’t know this studio and have no idea how far I have to walk in the heels I haven’t worn in months.”

What a misery. “I also practice holding my stomach in, knowing that I am like pudding in too-tight pants, and at the same time I look for it higher with deep mindfulness because I don’t want to miss a second of this wonderful experience because I try to forget that I am pudding.”

Being like Sonja

How was the dinner after the broadcast? Nice, Eva continues. “When we go out for dinner afterwards, I can sit next to Sonja. As she talks I think: I want to be like that too. Smart, and witty, very elegant. The table hangs on her lips.”

She concludes: “I may not have been ready for it, but I never really am. Not when I did the interview that won this award, not tonight when I got the award. And for the first time I really realize that that is not necessary at all.”