Eva Jinek new presenter Who is the Mole? ‘Would be a good choice’

Eva Jinek is tipped as the new presenter of Wie is de Mol, now that she has started working for the broadcaster that broadcasts it: AvroTros. “I would simply replace Rik van de Westelaken.”

© NPO, AvroTros

In one fell swoop she is the new big star of AvroTros: Eva Jinek. The presenter will start her new daily talk show on NPO 1 after the summer and will be off for four months a year. That mega holiday can be shortened by a few weeks for the presentation of Wie is de Mol, says Telegraaf reporter Max van den Broek in The T is watching TV.

Eva in Rik’s place

Max would think Eva is an excellent choice. “I was thinking: maybe it is time for a new presenter, so a replacement for Rik van de Westelaken. Rik doesn’t have to leave, Rik is doing very well, I even think that Rik has grown more and more in his role, but he has also been doing it for quite a long time.”

He continues: “I think: if you want a completely new feeling in Wie is de Mol, maybe a new presenter would be nice. I have a very nice suggestion for that… Who recently joined AvroTros as a presenter? A woman. Eva Jinek.”

‘How cool would it be?’

Is this right up Eva’s alley? “I do not know either. Of course Eva has to want it, but hey, how cool would it be? She can have a very cold look and be really strict. I think such a stern look… I miss that a bit now. I think Rik is a bit sweet or something. He looks very sweet, let me put it that way.”

And that doesn’t fit with such a strict and mysterious program as Wie is de Mol, Max thinks. “He sometimes says mean things to the candidates or hands out a slice – I really like that – but I miss a bit what Pieter Jan Hagens used to have. A bit strict. The authority, so to speak.”