Eva Jinek isn’t going to the evening after all? ‘Straight to late evening’

The intention is for Eva Jinek to succeed Khalid & Sophie after the summer on the eve of NPO 1, but will that still happen? “Maybe she can move on to late evening in one go.”


The NPO thought it had everything in place: Eva Jinek would start after the summer at Khalid & Sophie’s current time – 7 p.m. on NPO 1 – and that talk show would then take the place of Op1 again. so late at night. But now that Khalid Kasem has been exposed and his TV career has ended, everything is in doubt.

Kill a talk show?

Khalid & Sophie is extremely damaged even if the program would continue without Khalid, so is that still an option for late night? Reality series are currently also scoring well in the eve of NPO 1. Een Huis Vol is a hit there and Meer Dan Wacht is currently on the channel; 742 thousand people watched that yesterday.

Tina Nijkamp asks about her analysis channel wonders ‘whether it might be a good idea to only do reality soaps at 7 pm instead of a talk show’. “If the new More than Expected also scores well, it seems better to kill the talk show on the evening of NPO 1 and put all the balls on late night. And so perhaps let Eva fill the Op1 slot.”

Eva to late

AD media journalist Marcus den Blanken also brings it up, namely in the AD Media podcast. “Do you think they should just do this all year round? Can’t Jinek just go to the late evening and that we have also solved the Khalid & Sophie problem?” he asks colleague Angela de Jong.

Angela has mixed feelings about that. “Yes, I would like A House Full every day, but: how do you make that and is it still fun to watch? I think it’s nice because you have a compilation and filming takes place for a very long time and everything is crammed into one episode, but I don’t really see how you can do that all year round.”

Little ones

It might get boring then, says Angela. “It’s also a lot of fun with the little ones, but also for a week or two or three. I am of the school that the public broadcaster should have a current program at seven o’clock in which the news of the day is discussed. You see that there is a need for that.”

She continues: “I mean: RTL Boulevard, which takes a certain side with entertainment and crime, is a hit, so you should have something there, I think, that simply informs the viewer about the news. Which doesn’t change the fact that I really enjoy these programs until the terrible Khalid & Sophie starts again.”