Eva Jinek hits back at WNL creep who calls her ‘hysterical’

Eva Jinek hits back at the WNL creep who lashes out in a sexist way at the former presenters who stand up against the ‘toxic’ broadcaster Bert Huisjes. “Hysterical?”


The primary reactions that emerged from WNL after the abuses at the broadcaster came to light were truly shocking. Bert Huisjes himself, supervisor Fons van Westerloo and their looking away stars Rick Nieman and Sven Kockelmann: they all behave quite nauseously. Who really makes it big? One Emile Bode.

Hysterical Eva

As editor-in-chief of Telegraaf Video Media, Emile Bode was responsible for WNL’s programs when the broadcaster was in its start-up phase. “Merel Westrik who is now complaining always whined like a spoiled Sunday child. I found her very attractive but shared Bert’s opinion that she is lazy and a whiner,” the sexist creep sneers.

And Eva Jinek? Just such an annoying girl, he says. “She was much more talented but also quite hysterical and unreasonable in the early days. It’s a shame that she and all those other former employees are now criticizing Huisjes like this,” said the former bobo, who now works for Omroep MAX’s television guide.

On his behalf

Hysterical or just uncomfortably accurate? What does Eva think of such a comment? She hits back firmly at this Emile by remaining civilized. “Yes… I’ll leave that to him,” she says in front of the camera Show news.

What does it say that Emile is so sexist? “I actually do not know. What does that say? I can’t do much with that. I think: the only thing that mattered to us, what mattered to me, was that young people should be able to work in a place where people normally do.”

Pain and trouble

Fons van Westerloo, who sits on the Supervisory Board of WNL, downplays Eva’s story. What does she think about that? “If that is your reaction when people like us bring this up – not for yourself and not for your own gain – with pain and difficulty, because you don’t just do it, then I think it is the best example of what is not functioning properly. ”

She continues: “As a group of people who have thought about it for a long time, I and my colleagues, to speak out about this, which no one likes and we do not do it for ourselves or our own gain… If we take the trouble to to do that and you, as it were, wave it away, then that indicates what the problem is.”

Piss off

Johan Derksen chimes in Today Inside I can’t believe Eva is speaking out for the young people who now work at WNL. “They’re all out of there and they shouldn’t be so hypocritical, like, ‘We’re not saying it for ourselves, but we’re saying it for the young people who are there now.’ Come on, fuck off.”

Colleague Wilfred Genee: “Why don’t you believe that?”

Johan: “I don’t believe that.”

Wilfred: “Why not?”

Johan: “Well, I don’t believe that. That’s how I am wired.”

Wilfred: “Yes, that is a very strong argument! Why? Therefore!”