“Eva falls through the basket, this is fake”

Eva Jinek’s talk show again fell victim to recalcitrant studio guests last night. Or is something else going on? “This has been staged. John van den Heuvel was actually there!”


Eva Jinek’s talk show has only been in the news lately when studio guests once again riot. Yesterday it was that time again: two lads in yellow vests stood up from the audience to draw attention to the abuses surrounding the construction of stadiums in Qatar. And that while there is already a lot of media attention for it.

“Qatar, Qatar!”

One of the two gentlemen, who now turns out to be a YouTube maker Tempest, shouts: “We are here for Qatar. Today we stand up for Qatar. Construction workers are paid low, they die. Let’s all stand up, let’s all be heard for Qatar. Qatar, Qatar, Qatar!”

Eva: “I get it, guys. All the way. I think a lot of people understand this, because it feels like a great injustice that a big game is still being played in a country where there are so many abuses. We have discussed it many times here at the table. (…) But I also don’t know what I can do to solve this for you.”

Wannabe BNs

The gentlemen who disrupted the broadcast turn out to be two guys who want to become famous: singer Gavin, who is on Instagram is followed by Jörgen Raymann, and thus YouTube creator Tempest (Instagram). He posted another one a week ago video with the title: ‘Break in as an employee at Ajax vs PSV!’

Juice channel Reality FBI finds it suspicious. “It was time again tonight for two ‘activists’ at Eva Jinek. People doubt whether they were really activists. Every time those ‘activists’ start to stand out a bit…”

John van den Heuvel

Viewers point out that John van den Heuvel was a guest in the broadcast, which means that a very strict safety protocol applied. Then, according to them, you can hardly slip through with yellow vests. “Fake action, staged, because the enormous security there will not allow this to happen in connection with John van den Heuvel.”

Reality FBI late screenshots which shows that the gentlemen are quietly changing clothes in the audience. “The ‘activists’ just sat in the audience and also changed clothes in the audience when the camera was briefly focused on Jinek. A lady in the audience was still looking at it.”

Gain fame

It could of course also be that this action was not necessarily planned by Jinek, but that the editors – because of the yellow vests taken in – were aware that the boys wanted to do something.

In any case, it is also very wrong of those guys, says Reality FBI. “On the back of the abuses in Qatar and all the victims are trying to gain fame themselves.”

Two weeks ago, Job Knoester called in Today Inside that Eva commits viewer cheating. According to him, all incidents in the program have been staged.