Europese Commissie coopt 10,000 treatment with geneesmiddelen tegen apenpokken aan | Buitenland

The apenpokkenvirus is active in Europe when we are sent back, “it is not known that it is already known that we can send it later”, says Europees commissaris voor Volksgezondheid Stella Kyriakides. If the virus from the EU was reported, there were around 24,000 reports reported, but that was more than 750 in Belgium. Deze treaten helpen de lidstaten “om in (hun) onmiddellijke behoeften te voorzien en more patiënten in Europe te can treat”, aldus Kyriakides.

The 10,000 treated with Tecovirimat were sent to the EU countries on the basis of an urgent need. The virus warning word developed by the farmabedrijven SIGA and Meridian.