European association wants to make flax linen and hemp textile alternatives worldwide

The European Flax Linen and Hemp Fabric Alliance has set the ambitious goal of making European flax linen and hemp fabric the first choice for sustainable fibers around the world.

The strategy to achieve this, according to a press release, is based on three main areas: expanding the flax linen and hemp ecosystem, becoming an innovative and sustainable international reference point and ensuring quality and embodying desirability.

Giusy Bettoni becomes representative

Giusy Bettoni has been the official representative of the alliance since the beginning of January 2024. As an expert in textile value chains, Milan-based Bettoni has in-depth knowledge of raw materials and also specializes in CSR.

As the founder of CLASS (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy), she also has an international network in the textile and fashion ecosystem and works with designers and brands to support them in their sustainable development.

The Alliance will initially focus on meeting with all Italian players in the flax linen industry in order to obtain all the necessary resources to create an action plan for the Italian market together with the Alliance and its members.

B2B and B2C advertising strategy to increase visibility

A B2B and B2C advertising strategy for European flax linen in Italy will also be specifically created in order to increase the visibility of the material in the textile industry, among brands and end consumers. The alliance also wants to become a reference point for European flax linen in terms of business, innovation, CSR and regional support.

Ornella Bignami, creative director of the Milan design agency Elementi Moda, is a partner of the alliance and contact person for training in various textile, fashion, design and lifestyle learning centers in Italy.

“The Alliance has always been at the forefront of efforts to educate young people about European flax linen and textile hemp in order to create positive momentum in the industry,” the statement said.