EuroLeague statement from Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman! We will be champions

The press conference of the Final Four in the Basketball THY Europa League was held.

Head coaches and players of Anadolu Efes, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Olympiakos teams that made it to the Final Four attended the press conference held in Stark Arena, which will host the organization that will start tomorrow in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Ergin Ataman, head coach of the defending champion Anadolu Efes, said in a statement that they wanted to become the champion for the second time in a row, adding, “Winning the cup last season was extraordinary. It will be much more fun if I win the cup again. I will raise my fists in the air in front of basketball fans.” used the expressions.

Noting that they did not start this season well, but they recovered and made it to the Final Four, Ataman said, “It has been a very difficult season. I have a very successful team and players. We started to show our real game in the most important period. We are here to win. Two. We are ready for this as a team. “We had some injury problems, but we’re here with the full squad right now. We’re going to try to defend our title.” he said.

Ergin Ataman, regarding that they will play the semi-final match against Olympiakos tomorrow on May 19, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, said, “It is a holiday gifted by Atatürk to the Turkish youth. It is an important holiday for the Turkish nation. I congratulate the whole Turkish nation. It is difficult. It will be a game. I am an ambitious coach. I continue in this. We want to win and bring 19 May to the final on 21 May with enthusiasm. I say, ‘We will be champions.’ The last champion cannot have any other claim.” made its assessment.

Anadolu Efes national player Shane Larkin, emphasizing that they want to be champion once again in Europe’s biggest organization, said, “We have a structure that is never satisfied. We are still very hungry to win. You believe in each other when your head coach trusts you. This is our biggest difference. This year. “We also have a huge appetite to win the trophy. We want to win the trophy once again and take it home.” expressed an opinion.


Olympiakos Head Coach Georgios Bartzokas noted that they need to play in the Final Four with faith and confidence.

Drawing attention to the importance of the organization, Bartzokas said, “It is a great honor to be in the Final Four. There is no need to exaggerate anything. We need to play with confidence and confidence in ourselves. We need to enjoy the moment. It is not easy. We are here for one purpose. Olympiakos means passion. “I know this very well. Anadolu Efes has been doing a great job for 3-4 years. I have great respect for Ataman. We focus on our own game. We will do our best.” used the expressions.

The experienced player of the Greek team, Georgios Printezis, gave the following views:

“It’s a great honor and privilege to be here. It’s a source of pride for our fans and our city. It’s not easy. It won’t be easy to win either. Our goal is to put forth our best effort. I’m very happy. Every player knows very well what they have to do. I’m a part of this team.” “I am very lucky to be in the final. No matter how many times you take part in the Final Four, you will experience a different excitement every time. I experience it. You put on a different performance in every defense. Once again, we have a chance to win the championship.”


Barcelona Head Coach Sarunas Jasikevicius said that they will play a very important match with Real Madrid tomorrow.

Reminding that they made it to the Final Four for the second time in a row, the Lithuanian head coach said, “It is a very big game. We are in the Final Four at the end of a very tough season. I hope we will play the match ready tomorrow evening. It is a great advantage to start the match well. “We need to know that you will react well. This is another game. There may be ups and downs. It is necessary to know how to recover.” he said.

Barcelona’s Montenegrin-born Spanish player Nikola Mirotic stated that the Final Four will be played in Serbia, and said, “They know very well how much I love this country. It will be very special for me. I have never won the Europa League trophy. “We’re in shape. We really wanted to be here. I hope we can meet expectations and win the game tomorrow. There are no favorites in the Final Four. There is no extra pressure on me because I won the most valuable player award. It’s a situation I’m used to. It helps me to be better. I try to be humble.” used the expressions.


Real Madrid Head Coach Pablo Laso stated that they want to win the cup again after 2018 in Belgrade, where they won the Europa League for the last time.

Underlining that Belgrade is a great basketball city, Laso said, “I hope we win the cup again. I am enjoying the Final Four. I hope we can repeat 2018. El Clasico is a very important match for the whole of Europe. My players will do their best. Every “It could be anything. There will be some surprises for Real Madrid.” made its assessment.

Walter Tavares, the Brazilian player of the violet-white team, said: “It is not easy to win this trophy every year. It is a great pleasure to be here. We won it when I first came. Laso is a head coach who cares a lot about details. He has a huge impact on us. What Real Madrid means. “He knows very well. We are a team that plays for these places. We performed very well in the playoffs. We are a team that always takes responsibilities in big moments. We will fight to win the cup.” he said.