Euroleague, matchday 26: Milan beat Olympiacos, Virtus Bologna defeated by Fenerbahce

Fourth success in a row for the team from Messina. Bologna resists for five minutes, before sinking under a shower of triples

The Euroleague is back with another important success for Olimpia Milano. The red and whites drop poker by demolishing the leaders Olympiacos and continue their comeback in the standings. Vibrant match with EA7 always ahead, collective test of great thickness for the troop of coach Ettore Messina which limits the opposing guns. To then explode in the second half with a Rossini crescendo, Baron the top scorer at 18. Virtus Bologna, on the other hand, sinks under the hail of triples from Fenerbahce.

Milan-Olympiacos 83-62

After a stuttering start Milan takes the reins of the match by exploiting the aggressiveness of its wingers, Baron lights the offensive fuse for the hosts, 10-4. Try to shake Olympiacos with Papanikolau and Black in evidence, of the Greek veteran the 2+1 which is worth overtaking, 14-15. Not at all intimidated, EA7 starts running again, Davies does a good job with Melli in the colored area, a reactive Tonut leaves Olimpia one possession ahead at the first siren, 20-17. The former Reyer repeats himself at the start of the second when giving the new momentum to coach Messina’s troop, 27-22. Milan is good at limiting the Greek attack, patiently finding the right answers also in the other half, Melli first and then Ricci exalt the Forum with two important triples, 35-29. Napier makes himself useful in various aspects of the match but sticks from the arc, the Greeks still less than 3 at the mid-game siren, 35-32. Unchanged plot even after the long break, EA7 always in command of operations, compared to the first leg Baron manages to escape the grip of Canaan and his companions, even Fall is not a factor compared to the Piraeus challenge, Napier and Voigtmann seal the most 8 , 42-34. Coach Bartzokas shuffles the cards but the winning number does not come out from the Greek bench, Luwawu-Cabarrot moves the escape of the hosts to double figures, 44-34. It’s a long (home) red and white symphony that exalts the Forum in the third quarter, Baron mostly 15, 54-39. McKissic makes and unmakes the canvas of the Piraeus team, the timid return attempt led by the old guard Sloukas-Papanikolau, Ricci’s buzzer beater who sets Milan on fire, 61-46 at the penultimate siren, is also blocked with lucidity. Napier also joins the party and seals the plus 20 which effectively closes the match, 83-62 in the final.

Milan: Baron 18, Melli 10, Luwawu-Cabarrot and Napier 9
Olympiacos: Walkup and Vezenkov 10, Papanikolau and Sloukas 8

Fenerbahce Virtus 104-72

Virtus lasts just over five minutes before sinking under a hail of triples from Fenerbahce. The 20 (out of 40) sent on target by Itoudis’ team are the club record in a match that has no history after a comforting start for the Bianconeri, who collect a 25-2 in the last six minutes of the first quarter and see the match slip away from their hands already at the first break, up 31-14 with the Turks having 7/12 from three. Wilbekin, Pierre and Guduric hurt from every position, Motley is unstoppable inside the area, Segafredo can’t control the pace and Fenerbahce runs on the wings of confidence and enthusiasm.

The percentages didn’t drop in the first half and at half-time Virtus doubled at 58-29 with the hosts shooting 12/21 from three and the Bolognese stopped at 33% on open play. The second half is just a long approach to the final siren, the difference in energy and conviction between the two teams is clear. Belinelli with four triples of pride in the third quarter tries to send a signal when, however, the oxen have long since escaped with Fenerbahce even reaching +39 and exceeding 100 points. Pajola’s left ankle injury also arrives on the last action of the third quarter to complete Virtus’ nightmarish evening.

Fenerbahce: Pierre 20, Motley and Guduric 16.
Bologna: Belinelli 18, Shengelia and Mickey 10.