Euro 2032, the 10 stadiums chosen by the FIGC: Palermo is not in the candidacy

Barbera (for now) out, preferred Cagliari for the most advanced project. Florence must solve the problem of frozen Pnrr funds, necessary regeneration for Bari, Genoa, Naples and Verona

The sprint to organize the 2032 European Championship begins. This morning the Football Federation sent the candidacy dossier to UEFA as scheduled. And now the challenge with Turkey begins towards the final decision which will be taken between September and October 2023 by the UEFA executive.


In the dossier there are obviously the 10 cities destined to host the matches: Rome, Milan, Turin (Allianz Stadium), Naples, Genoa, Bari, Florence, Bologna, Cagliari and Verona. There is no Palermo, which is also part of the documentation as a solution that can be taken into consideration in the event of problems for another venue or an enlargement of the cast of stadiums in the review (but this hypothesis is not currently taken into consideration considered by European football leaders). A painful exclusion motivated by the fact that inserting two islands, with their respective logistical travel problems, could have created inconvenience. Excluding Cagliari would have meant halting the most advanced project in progress, the new Sant’Elia which already has financial backing and is quite advanced even in the administrative process.


It is equally true that between now and 2032 there will be various other situations to take into account and therefore the panorama could change. In any case, our plant heritage will have to be strongly regenerated. Speaking of Cagliari, Bologna too with its private-public project is already at a significant point, while Florence hopes to solve the problem of the Pnrr funds “frozen” for now by the in-depth analysis requested by the European Commission. Rome, Turin and Milan (also with the variable of the new stadium) have systems with standards not far from international thresholds. Granted instead that the “regeneration” should be particularly important for Bari, Genoa, Naples and Verona. In this context, the Dpcm just approved by the Government should help, which provides for an inter-ministerial structure capable of helping the planning capacity of investors. In the dossier there are also all the details for the organization of the different fan zones. An articulated plan that will have to convince UEFA: the sprint with Turkey can begin.