Estra Award, all the winners at Coni

Coni awarded awards to those who recounted unique feats. Lifetime Achievement Award to Emanuela Audisio

Alessandra Giardini

March 2 – 08:07 – ROME

The Coni Hall of Honor was shining, illuminated by women and men who pursue sport around the world and describe it in its uniqueness and universality. Sixth edition of the “Estra Award for Sport: the energy of good news”, and as the host Giovanni Malagò said “this year there is a real parterre de rois of awardees”. Starting with Emanuela Audisio, the first woman to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. It is the destiny of women to knock down walls, but in the case of Audisio, correspondent for La Repubblica and documentary maker, it is an unrepeatable career and inimitable writing that speak. Audisio was applauded by the audience of athletes, sports managers and colleagues, and first of all by Fabrizio Bocca, Aligi Pontani and Giuseppe Smorto, “three bodyguards who were my bosses and with whom I was sometimes unbearable”.


Emanuela remembered Mario Sconcerti, “because there are masters who never fail to give you light, even if they are physically no longer there”. From his words all those who make journalism their life can learn, for example that “career awards in sport should not exist because in sport the goals are always ahead, never behind”, or that “ours is a collective work , a group run” and for this reason “seeing yourself recognized by the people you have traveled with is the best reward”. Emanuela Audisio jokes about the idea of ​​being an example, “I had bad teachers, it was a good school”, but she no longer jokes when she concludes with the hope “that women can be a little more equal at work too, stay in front and not just behind”. One in front is Francesca Benvenuti, the Mediaset journalist who won the Donna di Sport Award, received by the vice presidents of CONI, Silvia Salis and Claudia Giordani. The ceremony, conducted by Simona Rolandi and Marco Cherubini and directed by SG Plus, was introduced by Ussi president Gianfranco Coppola, who highlighted the great quality of sports journalism, “I also want to remember those who work long hours in the editorial offices to close a page , or collect the last result of the evening”. The president of Estra, Francesco Macrì, reiterated the gas and electricity company’s commitment to transferring the values ​​inherent to sport, loyalty and transparency into everyday life, “we believe in sport as an educational agency, which is why we valorise sports journalists and Good news”.

for daniel

Good news such as that which brought the prize named in memory of Daniele Redaelli, former central editor and great figure of the Gazzetta dello Sport, who followed and valued young people throughout his life, to Sergio Arcobelli, for the story – on the Messaggero – by Mariaclotilde Adosini, the young swordsman who gave up the victory because she realized she had been favored by an error by the referee. Good news like the story of the Milan Rugby Association which has been bringing the values ​​of rugby to the Beccaria juvenile prison for 15 years: a story told in his own way by Giorgio Terruzzi in the Corriere della Sera. Or like the splendid report that won the award for radio and TV: it was created for Sky Sport by Alessandro Mamoli and the editor Federico Salerno on the career finale of Gigi Datome, who was present with a video message. Or like the story with which Paolo Brusorio won in the web and blog section: that of Daniele Cassioli, blind and super champion in water skiing who invented a way of telling tennis through the interpretation of sounds, «because you can see with the heart.”

all prizes

Here are all the winners and the motivations. Daniele Redaelli Award to Sergio Arcobelli (Il Messaggero) with the article “Mariaclotilde’s golden fair play”. Estra Prize for the territory to Matteo Marzotti (La Nazione) with the article “The champions of Graziani. Children with disabilities score special goals: ‘It’s the best victory’” Category Printed paper in Giorgio Terruzzi (Corriere della Sera) with the article “The other escape at the Beccaria. With the values ​​of rugby to learn to live” Web and blog category to Paolo Brusorio (La with the report “Daniele Cassioli guest at the ATP: ‘I, blind, tell the tennis matches through sounds'” Television and radio category to Alessandro Mamoli (Sky Sport) with the special dedicated to Gigi Datome. Special “Woman of Sport” Award to Francesca Benvenuti, Mediaset sports editorial team. Special “Lifetime Achievement” Award to Emanuela Audisio, already winner of the Donna di Sport award in the 2nd Edition.