Estelle turned 10 years old

Estelle turned 10 today.

The Crown Princess Victorian and the prince Danielin first-born Estelle turned 10 today.

Estelle also had time to visit Haga Castle to meet her grandparents on her holiday Silviaa and the king Kaarle Kustaata.

The Royal House has published a picture of the meeting.

In the picture, attention is drawn to the queen Silvian an orange jacket that is the same color as the Orange curtains shown in the background.

Kaarle Kustaa and Silvia congratulated Estelle. Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Hovstaterna

Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary was born in 2012 and is second in the crown succession, the first being Estelle’s mother Victoria.

The Swedish royal family has been featured exceptionally well in the past, as Hovi issued a press release commenting on rumors surrounding Victoria and Daniel. Rumor has it Victoria would consider divorce.

– We have learned that negative rumors about our private relationship have spread widely. Rumors are about betrayal and divorce. Under normal circumstances, we do not comment on rumors and speculation. To protect our family, we want to make it absolutely clear that the rumors currently spreading are completely unfounded, Victoria and Daniel informed.

Victoria and Daniel got married in 2010. In addition to Estelle, they were born in 2016 Oscar.