Estelle Cruijff acts very strange on SBS 6 after asking about Jaimie and Koen

Estelle Cruijff acts very strangely when a reporter from Shownieuws asks about her friendship with Jaimie Vaes and Koen Kardashian. “There must be something going on.”


For a long time they were three hands on one stomach: Estelle Cruijff, Jaimie Vaes and Koen Kardashian. There have been rumors for some time that Koen is no longer so fond of these ladies, because he has kicked the habit and they are still on the hook. One thing is certain: the trinity seems to have fallen apart considerably and they are there Show news curious to.

Argument in the cabin?

Show expert Bart Ettekoven: “Koen Pieter always interacted very well with Estelle and she also shuffled past Gordon’s album presentation. Here in the photo we see the illustrious trio: Jaimie Vaes, Estelle and Koen Pieter van Dijk, but lately we don’t see this trio that much anymore, so we asked Estelle: ‘How come? Is there a fight in the cabin?’”

Reporter Thom Goderie puts it to Estelle. “We always see you on Instagram very often with Jaimie and Koen. Recently…”

“With you three?!”

Estelle suddenly turns her head away and shouts, “We’ll stick with Gordon!”

Thom: “Okay.”

Estelle: “I’m here for Gordon!”

Thom: “Yes? But you three are okay?”

Estelle: “With you three?”

Thom: “Jaimie, Koen and you.”

Estelle: “No, I’m standing here with Gordon and Gordon is doing well and so am I.”

Striking response

This says enough, according to presenter Airen Mylene. “A striking reaction.”

Bart: “There must be something going on there.”

Evert Santegoeds is surprised by the closed attitude of all those interviewed at Gordon’s party. “Was there anything to drink at that party? Everyone is so closed.”

Bart: “Yes, that’s right.”

Evert: “No loose statements tonight with Gordon.”