Esmah Lahlah shines in new clip Benno van Vught: ‘Esmah lalalalala’

Singer Benno van Vught has posted a very remarkable video clip on YouTube. His latest song ‘Esmahlahlah’ is an ode to councilor Esmah Lahlah of GroenLinks and future Member of Parliament. The video clip, including Van Vught and Lahlah and a number of extras, was recorded in the council chamber in Tilburg.

To the tune of You’re the Greatest Lover van Luv, Van Vught sings about Lahlah:

Strange bird in the council

Yes, it’s a cat swatter

But that doesn’t matter to us

She acts like a hot water bottle

Chorus: Esmahlalalalala, Esmahlalalalala….

In addition to being an alderman, Lahlah is also deputy mayor of Tilburg. For the upcoming national elections she is number 2 on the list for GroenLinks-PvdA.

Together with his regular producer and lyricist Andre Kooiman, Benno developed an idea to make a wonderfully cool party record based on Luv’s old hit. The prominent shalala piece in the original lends itself perfectly to EsmahLahlah, Benno believes.

Role in the music video
When Benno van Vugt suggested the idea to the councilor to make a song about her, he was immediately enthusiastic. She also agreed to participate and even wanted to play a part in the music video.

Lahlah is currently an alderman and deputy mayor of Tilburg. Given her position on the GroenLinks-PvdA electoral list, she will take a seat in the House of Representatives after the elections.