Esko Roinea, 79, is in a hurry – a comment from his wife Ritva Jalose

The acting couple Esko Roine and Ritva Jalonen have been married for 21 years.

Ritva Jalonen and Esko Roine arrived at Timo Koivusalo’s celebration concert on Tuesday. Pete Anikari

The actor still holds the job Esko to Roine, 79, busy. Roine arrived with his wife Ritva Jalonen with Timo Koivusalo For the 60th anniversary concert at the Savoy Theater on Tuesday.

– The old man still goes from corner to corner, says a laughing Roine.

There’s really enough wood. On Tuesday, Roine spent the evening in Helsinki, and on Wednesday she will already travel to work in Pori via Tampere.

– There has been a design error here, Roine jokes.

Autumn has included, among other things Fatherpremiere of the play in Kuopio and the activities of the Kiharakolmio company Taneli Mäkelän, Puntti Valtonen and Tume Uusitalo with. Roine calls the ensemble “the old boys’ bet” – after all, it started five years ago with a run at Tampere’s Työväe theater Old boys from the play.

79-year-old Esko Roine has many irons in the fire. Pete Anikari

On the other hand, Roine stars in the Tampere theater Seela Sellan with the Love Letters play. It’s coming in Pori A mind breaker and a boy performance of the play.

With such a schedule, there is hardly time to spend free time and quiet couple moments at home. However, Jalonen does not complain.

– I’ve already had time to get used to it, he says.

Soon the couple will leave for two months in the Spanish sun in Fuengirola.

– We were already there a year ago, now we are going to the same room again, Roine explains.

Jalonen and Roine will soon head to the Spanish sun. Pete Anikari

Roine has collaborated a lot with Koivusalo over the years, A familiar thing showstarting from Roine was in the program both as a host of Koivusalo and as a guest with her spouse.

– We succeeded well in that. We won a trip to Rome, the couple recalls their success in the program.

Roine will celebrate his 80th birthday next fall. No party plans have been made yet.

– That Pandora’s box has not been opened yet. I asked Seela (Sella) how she managed. He said that he has always been at work, that you can come and see if you want.

Roine and Jalonen have been married for 21 years. Jalonen says that the secret of a long union is shared humor, both good and bad.

– Bad (jokes) are usually good, Jalonen laughs.

Esko Roine and Seela Sella star together in the play Love Letters at the Tampere theater. Juha Veli Jokinen