Escaped and highly poisonous green mamba is still missing

The highly poisonous green mamba that is missing in Tilburg has not yet been found. A spokesperson for the municipality of Tilburg said this on Wednesday morning.

The municipality called on people on Tuesday to keep their distance and not to try to catch the snake themselves. The almost 2 meter long snake was kept by the resident of a house on Goudenregenstraat in Tilburg, not far from the station. The resident discovered on Monday that the animal was gone.

The municipality called in experts to see how the snake could be found as quickly as possible. A sniffer dog was also used.

Searches are conducted both inside and outside the house. The animal likes dark and warm spaces and will therefore not easily go outside at this time of year. A bite is extremely poisonous. People who are bitten should therefore receive immediate medical attention.


Biologist Freek Vonk explains here how poisonous the green mamba is