Erika Vikman and Sara Sieppi would make millions in Onlyfans – This is how the singer reacts

Entrepreneur Susanna Penttilä has no doubt that two well-known women could earn more than her at Onlyfans.

Entrepreneur and former Playboy model Susanna Penttilä, 50, is one of Finland’s most successful Onlyfans stars. Penttilä’s new conquest of territory got off to an explosive start with just two bikini photos, and now she’s making big bucks with the app.

Fashion business entrepreneur Susanna Penttilä strongly believes that two Finnish celebrities could make more money than her on the Onlyfans website. Inka Soveri

Now Penttilä reveals to Iltalehti that he strongly believes that two Finnish public figures could earn better than him in the application.

– If Erika Vikman or Sara Sieppi would create an account, they would make millions. Erika would certainly win the biggest pot – she would be a tough player, Penttilä reflects in an interview with Iltalehti.

– Sara, on the other hand, has such a warm and lovely smile and she is really shapely. Anyway, Sara is really good at making all kinds of content. I would bet that Sara would make millions, he adds.

Susanna Penttilä believes that Erika Vikman would win the jackpot in Onlyfans. Jenni Gästgivar / Iltalehti

Iltalehti caught up with Vikman, who is quite taken by this comment.

– Thank you, I take Susanna’s opinion as a compliment. I’m in the field anyway. It’s great that there is an Onlyfans-type service where people can fulfill themselves with full autonomy without anyone dictating from above. The authors also finally get the compensation they deserve, which is a big step forward, Vikman states.

So far, neither Vikman nor Sieppi have hinted in any way that they are even interested in opening an Onlyfans account. Iltalehti also tried to reach Sieppi about the matter, but so far the entrepreneur has not given a comment.

Susanna Penttilä believes that entrepreneur Sara Sieppi would do very well with her looks and smile at Onlyfans. Inka Soveri