Erika Vikman and Jyrki 69 together on stage at the Emma gala – See the pictures!

The Emma gala is currently underway at Nelose.

The musicians Erika Vikman and Steep 69 got up together on the stage of the Emma gala. Both Vikman and Jyrki 69 starred in the latest through the Vain lääää program.

The duo shared the band of the year award together.

– Good evening Emma audience. What scene? Jyrki shouted on stage.

Jyrki 69 described the band activity as “magical and magical”.

– Each of its members has the same ambition and is approached with passion. The goal is just to play as good music as possible, the rocker continued.

Vikman and Jyrki 69 shared the Band of the Year award together. Atte Kajova

– Whether it’s childhood friends who have traveled together for decades or a newer lineup, their connection is unique. They can always say: By my side, I’ve been exhausted, Erika Vikman continued, looking Jyrki in the eyes.

– Or I’ve partied with you, Jyrki answered.

Vikman finally winked at the camera.

Jyrki 69 and Erika Vikman starred in the latest season of Only Life. Atte Kajova

The band of the year was awarded to Kuumaa.

Iltalehti reporter who was on the red carpet at the Emma gala Mari Pudas asked Jyrki to comment on his relationship with Vikman.

– This is where we share the Emma statue after the Vain läämää program. Pretty collegial, isn’t it? Nothing more, he added.

Jyrki 69 comments that the headlines about the duo in the gossip magazines don’t bother him.

– It’s Finnish glamour! Jyrki decides.

Erika Vikman arrived on the red carpet after the rocker. Vikman answered Iltalehti’s question about the relationship in less words.

– Let it remain a mystery.

– What’s up with your relationship? Iltalehti’s editor continued.

– Let it remain a mystery, Erika smiled back.

Erika Vikman did not want to comment on her relationship situation to Iltalehte. Atte Kajova