Erik Dijkstra uncomfortable with Humberto: ‘Aren’t you asked?’

It is clearly a sore point for Erik Dijkstra that he was not asked to step in for Khalid & Sophie. He acts extremely awkward when asked about it…


Erik Dijkstra wants so much, but doesn’t get a chance: he dreams of being the big talk show host, but it often ends up just messing around in the margins with his colleague Frank Evenblij. His name was mentioned for Khalid Kasem’s successor, but in the end Sophie Hilbrand now makes her talk show with Jeroen Pauw.

“Did you get a call?”

So no Sophie & Erik, but Sophie & Jeroen. “Were you actually called instead of Jeroen?”, Humberto Tan asks him last night talk show.

Erik: “No.”

It leads to visible discomfort for the presenter, who diligently starts making jokes in the hope of diverting attention and nipping this topic in the bud.

‘Just zero?’

Humberto rubs it in some more. “Your name went too, right? But just zero? Didn’t play?”

Erik responds with a joke like this: “No, but I have also been approached for a position in the cabinet and I have not yet said yes.”

Humberto insists: “Did you want something like that? At seven o’clock? You have experience.”

Erik: “Well no, I have no experience with that.”

Dutch soccerteam

Well, the painful thing is: Erik does have experience with it. He admits: “I was often a guest at DWDD and I worked there for a long time. Yes, Op1, but that’s late night, that’s something different. A different energy.”

Then another joke: “Yes, look, when the country calls, you always say yes, Humberto. Not everyone knows that: I have never officially thanked the Dutch national team, have I?”

Humberto puts his finger on the sore spot: “If you say thank you, you must first be called up. You were never drafted.”

Didn’t call

Frank asks Erik just to be clear: “You weren’t called, were you?”

Erik: “No.”

According to Erik, the fact that his name was going around is just ‘b*llshit’. But how he would have liked it…