Status: 06/23/2022 1:44 p.m

    The world’s best in equestrian sport meet at the CHIO in Aachen, WDR broadcasts live. Here is the information about live streams and disciplines.

    In 2020, the self-proclaimed “World Equestrian Festival” was canceled due to the corona pandemic, in 2021 it was restricted and took place at the unusual time in September. The CHIO in the Aachen Soers is now running as usual from June 24th to July 3rd – with the best athletes and a full capacity utilization of the largest equestrian sports stadium in the world.

    CHIO (pronounced CHIO) stands for “Concours Hippique International Official” – so analogous to “International Equestrian Tournament”. Each member nation of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) may only organize one CHIO. Aachen has been the location in Germany since 1924.

    The Schedule

    The CHIO starts on the weekend of June 24th to 26th with vaulting and for the first time with the “FEI Youth Equestrian Games”, Youth Olympic Show Jumping Competition. After a break on Monday everything will be a few sizes bigger on Tuesday.

    Tuesday June 28th

    The atmospheric opening ceremony in the large equestrian stadium (capacity: 40,000) marks the official start of the CHIO. The WDR broadcasts live from 8.15 p.m. with Carsten Sostmeier on the microphone.
    WDR television and live stream: 8.15 p.m. – 9.45 p.m

    Wednesday June 29th

    The show jumpers compete in the “Price of Europe”.
    Live stream on 6.10 p.m. – 10.15 p.m
    WDR television live: 8.15 p.m. – 9.45 p.m

    Thursday June 30th

    A highlight of the CHIO for many: the Nations Cup for show jumping under floodlights, the defending champion is the team from the USA.
    Live stream on 6:35 p.m. to 11:15 p.m
    WDR television live: 8.15 p.m. – 10.40 p.m

    Friday July 1st

    The show jumpers have the “NRW Prize” and the fast-paced “Ditches and Walls” competition on the program. In addition, the WDR shows a summary of the dressage of the eventing riders.
    WDR television and live stream on 2:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m

    Saturday July 2nd

    In the morning, the eventing riders are out and about in the terrain. Bettina Hoy accompanies the WDR transmission as an expert.
    WDR television and live stream on 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m

    On the program in the afternoon: show jumping (Allianz prize) and carriage driving.
    Live stream on from 3.15 p.m
    WDR television live: 3.45 p.m. – 5.15 p.m

    Sunday 3rd July

    The crowning glory for the dressage riders in the morning: the Grand Prix Freestyle. Nicole Uphoff-Selke works as an expert for WDR.
    WDR television and live stream on 11 a.m. – 1 p.m

    One of the most coveted trophies in show jumping is awarded: the Grand Prix of Aachen. Daniel Deußer starts as the defending champion.
    Live stream on 2.15 p.m. – 6.30 p.m
    Live on the first: 3.30 p.m. – 4.10 p.m. and 5.20 p.m. – 5.59 p.m

    The celebratory end of the CHIO: the farewell of the nations.
    WDR television: 7.30 – 8.00 p.m